Company at a glance
Company at a glance
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Moscow, phone (495) 628 10 36
Saint-Petersburg, phone (812) 324 55 90

Company at a glance

Since its founding in 1992 in Saint Petersburg, Education centre Intellect Tour has accomplished much in the relatively short period of its existence and has earned a reputation of trustworthy counselling provider for motivated students seeking assistance with their education. Originated as a language school, very soon the company established an educational counselling department. We were among pioneers in this business in Russia.

From its early days, our company was meant to be forward looking and innovative. Due to innovative concepts, highest qualification and energy of our staff in mid-1990 Intellect Tour has gained one of leading positions in this market in St. Petersburg and  Northwest region of Russia.

During the past decade, company’s original potential has substantially grown. Now “Intellect Tour” is dynamic and thriving business. A brand new Moscow office, opened in the end of 2001, added new impulse to company’s activities and a greater flexibility to its services.

With an easy access to advertising and exhibitional resources in two Russian ‘capitals’, we are implementing larger projects and providing even better promotion to our partner institutions. Operating in two largest cities in Russia with the highest percentage of students wishing to study abroad, we are eager to follow up any promotional actions by relevant students’ numbers. And add to that a local agent network in Siberia, Far East, and Volga and Ural region.

On the basis of nearly 26 years of experience, we offer to our clients exceptional choice of programmes to meet every learning need. We deal with language travel, private boarding schools and university placement service. From the very beginning, Intellect-tour had put equal emphasis on each of these activities. Now, with the ever-increasing demand in Russia for higher education abroad, we have set up an entire division dedicated solely to counselling high school and university graduates on pathways to degree courses abroad.

At ”Intellect Tour”, we believe that choosing an educational pathway is one of the most important decisions people make. We recognise our responsibility. Spending time in another country helps to learn about different ways of living and thinking but this might be one of one of greatest challenges as well. Parents sending their children away from home for the first time must be aware that kids are well looked after. And a prospective university student is keen to find best placement counselling he/she could. This is why the role of educational consultant becomes pivotal.

Petrovka st., 19, building 1, office 4
phone (495) 628 10 36

Nevsky pr., 100, office 2
phone (812) 324 55 90

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