OISE Swindon (Великобритания)
OISE Swindon (Великобритания)

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OISE Swindon (Великобритания)

Hello! My name is Anstasia. I studied in the New Swindon College from 1st to 28th of July. Throughout my training all teachers wanted help me and supported me. Complexities , I think, weren’t besides stress because I was the only Russia student. But over time I could to overcome it.

In airport I find my guides very quickly and after we waited any student. Program in the College has helped me a lot to improve my language level and to speak confidently. And lessons was great!

In the weekend we visited a lot of places. And my favorite place is Oxford. But we didn’t have excursions!

And we often did the sports. My favorite sport is volleyball but it was not enough. We always played in football but I don’t like this game.

My room was great. It was small and cute. I like it! Thanks for my host family!!

In the school we had lunch. Food was good except Monday, when was spicy pasta. I don’t like it.

In the school I communicated with children from other countries. And I have new friends.

I very like  New Swindon College ! Thank you so much and I hope to visit Swindon again for education!

Talachanova Anastasia

г. Москва,
107031, ул. Петровка, д. 19,
стр. 1, офис 4

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пн.-пт. с 10.00 до 18.45
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